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Excess inventory on: Micrel KS8995MA, SY100EL16, MIC2164 & MIC29302

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, February 22 2010

Rare offer to our DRAM community. Excess inventory on these few items just came in. So we figure hey, why not post them. They are from Micrel Incorporated, founded in 1978, is a global manufacturer of integrated circuits (IC) with corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Micrel has been a publicly traded corporation since December 1994 and its stock is listed on NASDAQ as MCRL. In fiscal year 2004, it took in $257.6 million in revenue 

Micrel's products include mixed-signal, analog and power semiconductors, high performance communication, clock management, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver ICs. Micrel uses CMOS, bipolar, and other technologies for IC fabrication.

The LDOs anre regulators are listed below:

The KS8995MA Integraded 5-Port 10/100 Qos Switch is a highly integrated Layer-2 managed switch with optimized BOM cost for low port count, cost sensitive 10/100 MBPS switch systems. It also provides an extensive feature set such as tag/port-based VLAN, QoS priority, management, MIB counters, dual MII interface and CPUcontrol/data interfaces to effectively address both current and emerging Fast Ethernet applications.

The KS8995MA contains five 10/1000 transceivers with patented mixed-signal low-power technology, five MAC (Media Access Control) units, a high-speed non-blocking switch fabric, a dedicated address lookup engine, and an on-chip frame buffer memory.

All PHY units support 10Base-T and 100BaseTX. In addition, two of the PHY units support 100BaseFX (Ports 4 and 5).

  • Ethernet Type:IEEE802.3u
  • Operating Temperature Range:0°C to +70°C
  • No. of Pins:128
  • Case Style:PQFP
  • Max Operating Temperature:70°C
  • Min Temperature Operating:0°C
  • Base Number:8995
  • IC Generic
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • The KSZ8995MAI is a Switch with 5 ports and a supply voltage of 1.8V, 3.3V. It is packaged as a 128-PQFP. The KSZ8995MAI has an industrial temperature range of –40C to +85C The KSZ8995MAI is housed in a tray.


16GB DDR3 1066MHz ECC Registered now available

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, February 22 2010

As the DRAM industry progresses, larger capacity single modules appear. The 500666-B21 16GB 1x 16GB PC3-8500 Registered CAS 7 Quad Rank x4 equivalent is now shipping from PRO Memory Upgrade. We ship the M393B2K70BM1-CF8 using, Samsung 2Gb,x4 K4B4G0446B-MCF8 to meet the higher capacity demands of server users.

PRO Memory Upgrade and Computer RAM Prices

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, January 19 2010

If you find a lower price on computer memory that is a similar grade and type, share the URL from the other online store and we will try to match it. We offer RAM shoppers a chance to bargain and save money, by submitting offers before they buy, if they find lower priced similar upgrades online. This incentive saves users and offers an solutions to purchasing  a new server, laptop or computer. PRO Memory Upgrade knows the competition in online memory market is fierce and wants to allow computer users to buy better made memory at great savings. Saving can be add up when procuring memory upgrades for entire computer departments, government agencies, educational institutions and business environments. The quality of memory modules sold by PRO Memory Upgrade is on par with the best available as they are made by DRAM Manufacturers.

PRO Memory Upgrade stocks a complete variety of server memory, laptop memory and desktop memory. Module speeds ranging from DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are delivered. Configure computers that utilize modules types ranging from, ECC Registered, Fully Buffered, SO-DIMM and Unbuffered. Our computer memory upgrade offerings highlight the top computer brands like; Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, IBM, Sony, Sun and Toshiba. Orders qualify for free FedEx ground shipping that are $50.00 or more and because of the goal to make deals with computer users, shoppers partake in the best quality and price combination available online.



2GB DDR3 1066MHz 204-PIN SO-DIMM price adjustment

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, January 12 2010

2GB DDR3 1066MHz 204-PIN SO-DIMM price adjustment

2GB DDR3 1066MHz 204-PIN SO-DIMM now at $41.99

Install a 2GB PC3-8500 204-PIN SODIMM RAM module kit option.

Max out with a 2GB memory 1x 2GB PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz Laptop DIMM professional RAM upgrade to boost your desktop computing power. PRO Memory Upgrade offers memory upgrade expansion solutions built only by DRAM manufacturers. Just the same SO-DIMM quality levels, part numbers and stability you want for your computer.

The 2GB 1x 2GB PC3-8500 204-PIN DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM RAM module upgrade specification:

  • Upgrade Size: 2GB
  • Memory Kit: 1x 2GB
  • Module PIN count: 204-PIN
  • Memory Generation: DDR3
  • Module Speed: PC3-8500, DDR3-1066
  • MHz of Module: 1066MHz
  • Latency of Module: CL7


Formal quotes on Server Memory Upgrades

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, January 11 2010

Formal quotes on Server Memory Upgrades

Use factory made server memory options to improve the performance of your Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant and Sun servers and other and data centers. Get a formal quote from PRO Memory Upgrade today.

Infrastructure stability is paramount. It's the foundation for all the information, software and applications of your business. Trust PRO Memory Upgrade to deliver quality factory made ECC Registered and Fully Buffered server memory. Server memory is one of the most crucilal server components with the computer hardware industry. Even the slightest defect can result in downtime that could shut down your business, not to mention errors that cause performance decreases. When choosing server memory upgradee options use the same quality, Sun, IBM, Dell, and HP install.

Corporate, EDU and Government customers can save additionally with requesting formal quotes and PRO Memory Upgrade locks quote prices for 30 days.

Find the compatible DDR (1), DDR2 and DDR3 memory upgrades and options for your servers everyday.

New 21.5-inch & 27-inch iMac memory capacity is 16GB of DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 RAM!

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Wednesday, October 21 2009

New 21.5-inch & 27-inch iMac memory capacity is 16GB of DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 RAM!

PRO Memory Upgrade continues to deliver factory orginal modules for Apple iMacs. Take advantage of the additional maximum RAM capacity in Apple's new iMac line. New technology inside and out makes the new iMac a worthy addition to the all-in-one trend setter. 

21.5-inch & 27-inch iMac memory specifications:

  • These iMacs have four memory slots
  • Module PIN count: 204-PIN
  • Memory Generation: DDR3
  • Module Speed: PC3-8500, DDR3-1066
  • MHz of Module: 1066MHz
  • Latency of Module: CL7
  • This Apple iMac Memory DIMM Type: SODIMM, SO-DIMM, Small Outline DIMM

iMacs included: 21.5-inch 3.06GHz-3.33GHz, 27-inch 3.06GHz-3.33GHz and 27-inch 2.66GHz intel Core i5 & 2.8GHz intel Core i7.

$129.99 4GB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 laptop memory deal

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Friday, September 11 2009

Folks out there are looking for an aggressively priced way to max out their high end notebooks and laptops. Here at PRO Memory Upgrade we delivery factory made modules but they can be expensive at times. We producing other budget minded memory module upgrades that allow for savings. Today we have lowered this 4GB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 laptop memory upgrade to 129.99ea. Trust PRO Memory Upgrade to deliver an economical memory upgrade option that is 100% compatible and maintains the Jedec and Intel standards that computer OEMs adhere to.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Apple Mac Memory Sale

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Thursday, August 27 2009

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Apple Mac Memory Sale

Quoting Apple, "Although Mac OS X is already 64-bit capable in many way Snow Leopard takes the next big step by rewriting nearly all system applications in 64-bit code and by enabling the Mac to address massive amounts of memory. Now Mac OS X is faster, more secure, and completely ready for the future."

To make your Mac OS upgrade utilize your Apple computer even more PRO Memory Upgrade has discounted all Apple Memory Upgrades until Sept, 4th by 10%, in honor of the release of Snow Leopard from Apple, please enjoy!

Take adavantage, the price of RAM is on the rise.

PRO Memory Upgrade on Twitter

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Friday, August 14 2009

PRO Memory Upgrade on Twitter

Ok, PRO Memory Upgrade is on Twitter. Look for deals, specials and special announcements!

Do it yourself Apple MacBook Pro 2009 Unibody memory installation or replacement instructions

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, August 11 2009

This installation can ultimately lead to a max upgrade of 8GB of DDR3 1066MHz, PC3-8500 204-PIN RAM for your MacBook Pro Unibody

Step 1: Shutting down your MacBook Pro Unibody

  • Shut down your MacBook Pro 2009 Unibody. Disconnect the power adapter, Ethernet cable, USB cables, security lock, and any other cables connected to the MacBook Pro to prevent damaging the notebook.
  • Collect all of your tools. For most laptops you will need a Philips-head screwdriver, needle nose pliers and Torx screwdrivers.
  • Turn over your MacBook Pro 2009 Unibody and remove the ten (10) screws that secure the bottom case. Because the screws are different lengths, note the screw lengths and locations so you can replace the screws correctly. Put them aside in a safe place. Lift off the case and place it to the side.
Step 2: Removing static electricity

  • Ground yourself by touching a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static electricity from your body.
  • Remove existing memory (if present)
  • Push the levers on the sides of the memory module in an outward direction to release the module from the memory card slot. The memory pops up at an angle. Before removing it, make sure you see the half-circle notches. If you don’t see the notches, try pressing the levers outward again.
  • Hold the memory module by its notches and remove it from the slot.
  • Remove the other memory module.

    Important: Hold the memory modules by their edges; do not touch the gold connectors.

Step 3: Install memory (DDR3 1066MHz, PC3-8500 204-PIN SO-DIMM)

  • Align the notch on the gold edge of the module with the notch in the lower memory slot.
  • Tilt the card and push the module into the slot.
  • Use two fingers with firm, even pressure to push down on the memory module. You should hear a click when the memory is inserted correctly.
  • Repeat this procedure to install an additional memory module in the top slot. Press down on the module to make sure it is level.
  1. Note: Make sure your memory is installed according to the illustration below, with the gold contacts inserted almost completely into the connector.

Step 4: After adding the RAM replace the bottom case

Replace the bottom case. Replace and tighten the ten screws you removed earlier, making sure to put the different length screws in their proper locations.

New Dell PowerEdge T710 and T410 memory as well as T5500 and T7500 Precision Workstation RAM upgrades are here!

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Thursday, July 23 2009

New Dell PowerEdge T710 memory upgrades here at PRO Memory Upgrade

The new servers include the PowerEdge R410 rack server and the PowerEdge T410 and T710 towers. The R410 and T410 start at $999 and are built for running business applications in small offices. The R410 is a compact rack server optimized for high-performance computing clusters. These new servers have tons of room for RAM expansion and should be a welcomed addition to the server community. The T710 PowerEdge can utilize a whapping 144GB of 1066MHz or DDR3 1333MHz 240-PIN ECC Registered memory while the T410 PowerEdge can max out at 64GB of DDR3 1066MHz or 1333MHz of RDIMM RAM.



The ECC Unbuffered 24GB max, Precistion Workstaion T3500 and the; ECC Registered 72GB max T5500 and 192GB max, T7500 are PC enthusiast power machines. These bad boys can host a huge amount of RAM in the form of a beastly PC. Check out our killer deals on these latest DDR3 module upgrade solutions!

Check out the latest Sun Blade X6270, Sun Fire X4170 & the Sun Fire X4270 DDR3 ECC Registered memory upgrades.

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, July 13 2009

Blog post: Sun DDR3 ECC Registered memory

Keeping pace with the latest in memory module technology Sun has released a group of servers that utilize DDR3 PC3-8500 and PC3-10600 240-PIN ECC Registered DIMM modules. These machines are will soon take the very rare 8GB DDR3 1066MHz and 1333MHz single module upgrades. Today PRO Memory Upgrade has a few in stock but will not release the upgrade path until the modules are readily available, until then please view our factory original options.

Check out the latest Sun Blade X6270, Sun Fire X4170 & the Sun Fire X4270 DDR3 ECC Registered memory upgrades.

Find more info from Sun: X4170 | X4270 | X6270

Dell delivers a new Inspiron 546 desktop PC and we have the memory

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Wednesday, July 1 2009

Upgrade your new Inspiron 546 desktop PC to 8GB

Dell has released a brand new Inspiron desktop model today tagged the Inspiron 546 and 546s. This desktop system is targeted for budget-minded folks, while delivering a good array of features. All in all it's a good value.

The new computer features a 2.3GHz AMD Sempron processor, ATI graphics and 2GB of DDR2 800MHz 240-PIN PC2-6400 RAM. There are numerous upgrade options available.

BOOST and expand the the RAM up to 8GB here with these 2GB Dell Insprion 546 Desktop 800MHz Unbuffered DIMM upgrades.

  • Dell Insprion 546 Desktop MAX RAM: 8GB
  • This Insprion Desktop has memory slots/sockets: 4
  • Upgrade Size: 2GB
  • Memory Kit: 1x 2GB
  • Module PIN count: 240-PIN
  • Memory Generation: DDR2
  • Module Speed: PC2-6400, DDR2-800
  • MHz of Module: 800MHz
  • Latency of Module: CL5
  • This Dell Insprion Desktop DIMM Type: UDIMM, Unbuffered DIMM, Unregistered DIMM

The new computer memory configurator will help you find the right RAM

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, June 30 2009

In an effort to make is simple to upgrade your computer memory, we have recenly added a new configurator to the site. With the final data just days away from the final installation, you will be able to buy factory made RAM modules easier then ever before. Just search any brand in the search box and the main landing page will have the configurator for that brand or sub model.

The new Dell Studio 14z laptop is loaded with impressive hardware

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Thursday, May 28 2009

The new Dell Studio 14z laptop can MAX at 5GB DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM memory

Dell has not released a 14-inch consumer laptop (slash college student) for quite a while, but Dell delivers a summer blockbuster with the all new Dell Studio 14z notebook computer. The Studio 14z is the thinnest and lightest 14-inch notebook Dell has ever produced, promising more than 6 hours of battery life, powerful video performance, and available in more than 120 different designs just in time for back-to-school season. It is also among the first tiny notebooks machines utilizing DDR3 laptop SO-DIMM memory modules besides the MacBook. 

Price cuts on 4GB DDR2 PC2-5300 & PC2-6400 SO-DIMM for higher power laptop computer users.

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, May 18 2009

Price cuts on 4GB DDR2 PC2-5300 & PC2-6400 SO-DIMMs

Prices have dropped today on 4GB SODIMM memory module upgrades for DDR2-based laptops! Check it out! $169.99ea.

4GB DDR2 800MHz 200-PIN PC2-6400 Small Outline DIMM module

4GB DDR2 667MHz 200-PIN PC2-5300 Small Outline DIMM module


Dells budget iMac alternative arrives but with only an 18-inch screen and a MAX of 4GB of DDR2 Memory

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, May 5 2009

Dell aims at budget minded computer users who want an all in one. Dell skimps on connectivity, screen size and of course maximum RAM capacity of 4GB PC2-6400 240-PIN DDR2 800MHz.

Attention! DDR3 ECC Registered Memory module update, ideal for HP ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Friday, April 24 2009

As we aim to enable our server and other computer customers to "Upgrade Like a PRO!" by only installing RAM expansions made by DRAM Manufacturers we are posting an update to the DDR3 RDIMM information. We are currently delivering the Qimonda Factory Original IMSH4GP12A1F1C–13G, 4GB 2R×4 PC3–10600 in our 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Registered product offerings. The utmost confidence should be gained when installing this module in various, Generation 6 HP DL370 and DL150 servers as well as Z800 workstations.

HP part numbers for single 4GB: 500658-B21, FX621AA
HP part numbers for single 2GB: 500656-B21
, FX699AA

The new Latitude E6400 XFR Fully Rugged Laptop and PowerEdge M610 & M710 offer customers more RAM expansion capacity

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, April 14 2009

You can drop this Dell Latitude E6400 XFR four feet and it can use 8GBs!

Built tough for tough environments, Latitude E6400 XFR was designed and engineered to be the highest performing fully rugged laptop in its class and from what we have seen this is true. It out performs the top Panasonic Toughbook and has twice the RAM capacity!  According to Dell The Dell Latitude™ XFR D630 has up to 23% greater performance than Panasonic’s CF-30” Based on SYSmark® 2007 testing by Dell Labs in February 5, 2008 with a Dell Latitude XFR D630 (Intel Core Duo T7500 @ 2.2GHz, 512MB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, 160GB HDD) compared to a Panasonic CF-30 (Intel Core Duo L2400 @ 1.66GHz, 512MB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, 80GB HDD).  So this E6400 XFR aims to out perform even more. If you are in the market for more Latitude E6400 XFR memory, check us out!


Dell allows inexpensive servers with the ability to MAX at 96GB and 144GB of memory, amazing! The Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series based Dell PowerEdge M610 & M710 blade servers are designed to adapt in real time to your software enabling multiple tasks to be done simultaneously, while boosting performance with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology as business usage demands it most. Well done Dell, and with the M610 starting at $1699.99 it makes for a server you can afford. PRO Memory Upgrade delivers the PowerEdge M710 and PowerEdge M610 1333MHz ECC Registered modules you can trust and afford.

Greener and faster than ever Apple releases the Intel Xeon 5500 Nehalem based Xserve, and PRO Memory Upgrade has the RAM!

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, April 7 2009

new Apple Xserve Quad-Core & 8-Core Xeon 5500 Nehalem (Early 2009) server DDR3 1066MHz memory is here

The Quad-Core Xeon 5500 Nehalem Xserve has a 24GB MAX, with a total of six (6) memory sockets.

The 8-Core Xeon Xserve has a posted Apple website total memory max of: "system supports up to 32GB in Mac OS X Server v10.7."

It has twelve (12) memory sockets, we will adhere for the time being. Yet we will post 48GB as soon as we confirm it. For now you can view our Xserve Quad-Core & Xserve 8-Core 5500 Nehalem (Early 2009) DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 ECC Unbuffered server memory upgrades.

Total Technical Specifications: Xeon 5500 Nehalem based Xserve

New intel Server Board S5500 Series DDR3 240-PIN ECC Registered memory upgrades are online for sale!

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Monday, April 6 2009

Intel Server Motherboard DDR3 Registered Memory Upgrades are here

Scale up your Intel Xeon 5500HCV, S5500WB, S5500BC and S5500UR motherboards with DDR3 Registered memory modules from PRO Memory Upgrade. Our offerings are always made by DRAM Manufacturers so you can count on the top level of quality available. Compare and shop around if you like as we will aim to compete for your business on quality, service and price.

Quick specs:                                                    

S5500HCV Intel® Server Board 2 Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series DDR3
9 Slots 72GB MAX
S5500WB Intel® Server Board 2 Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series DDR3
8 Slots 64GB MAX
S5500BC Intel® Server Board 2 Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series DDR3
8 Slots 32GB MAX
S5520UR Intel® Server Board 2 Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series DDR3
12 Slots 96GB MAX


Higher capacity RAM in the new Apple iMac and we have the DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM modules!

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Friday, April 3 2009

Blogging about the RAM in the new Apple iMac and we have the DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM modules

Apple has done it yet again with few upgrades including FireWire 800 and the ability to upgrade the memory to a powerful 8GB. Not to mention other note worthy improvements in the new iMac 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, or 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 systems.

Memory Tech Specs:

2GB (two 1GB SO-DIMM) or 4GB (two 2GB SO-DIMMs) of 204-PIN CL7 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 8GB.

Check out our Apple iMac 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, or 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 memory expansion options.

Newly added Sony Vaio Notebook upgrades, with max RAM up to 8GB of DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400

Posted by PRO Memory Upgrade on Tuesday, February 17 2009

Boost this bad boy Vaio to 8GB of RAM at PRO Memory Upgrade

Sony says:  It's a runaway freight train. The alpha dog. The MVP. When it comes to performance, the AW Vaio leaves nothing to chance. With the right-now power of an available 2.93 GHz2 Intel® Centrino 2® processor and the NVIDIA® GeForce® 9000 series graphics card, you can power through high-res photos, graphic-intensive games and media without bogging down. The Sony Vaio VGN AW Series memory upgrades are here.

We say, "Max that bad boy out to 8 GB of RAM!!!


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